I am presenting a series of Wellbeing workshops developed to promote health with a holistic approach and acessible to anyone with interest in broading their knowledge in self health...and take the practice home, and nourish their lifes :)

All the Workshops are available by arrangement in a group or individual session. 


The Wellbeing Workshop 

This is my signature holistic health workshop, as it's designed to provide the essentials for a balanced lifestyle. you'll learn breathing principles and it's balancing and energizing effects, nutritional tips for a balanced diet, a complete set of wellbeing exercises to relax and rejuvenate for increased vitality, acessible to anyone whatever the age and physical fitness levels.

In essence the wellbeing workshop it's inspired by life and natural health care fused with holistic disciplines such as Yoga,Tai Chi, Zen Shiatsu, Nutrition, and Kinesiology, designed to give you the knowledge on how to practice a variety of tecniques and wellbeing exercises for the self and others to improve and mantain optimum health levels through out life.



...the nature contains unlimited power and healing properties, some of it's wonders are present in plants, flowers, herbs and mighty treas...

That sudy gave birth to Aromatherapy and here we cover it's basics and you'll learn about essential oils, it's applications and benefits aswell contraindications, learn when and how to use the essential oils for a variety of symptoms from a headache, insomnia, stress, pain and aches, cold,travel sickness to emotional issues....the list goes on, the applications are endless. There is also the chance to learn how to create your own cream, and personal perfume made of natural fragrances.


Massage Therapy

The origins of massage are lost in time, just as old as mankind, since touch as always been part of life and a natural way of relieving pains and aches or simply a form of inducing relaxation and wellness. with this hands-on workshop you'll learn more than just get to know how to perform a variety of massage tecniques for specific issues, learning how to give either a deep tissue massage to relieve aches, or a more relaxed and blissfull massage. Always bearing in mind the indications/contraindications to promote wellbeing trough massage therapy.



This workshop its been designed to able anyone to relieve stress and achieve a relaxed state to promote wellbeing in Body and Mind, you'll learn simple tecniques yet with a profound effect on your health.  Such as breathing tecniques, energy balancing, acupressure points, relaxing postures and exercises, meditation skills and self-visualization to nourish relaxation on a daily basis.



Originated in Japan sharing the same meridians and energy aproach as acupuncture but instead of neddles, the thumbs, hands or elbows are used with acupressure tecniques to balance the mind and body energy and restore it's natural flow, when blockages take place in the meridian circuit, pains or discomfort aswell emotional issues manifest in our bodies but Shiatsu can help to relieve such and more symptoms. In this Shiatsu workshop you'll get familiar with the it's origins, the 14 main meridians, the yin and yang theory, how to prepare for a shiatsu session and learn how to use your hands and body to give a shiatsu session to friends and family...enjoying both the art of giving and receiving.



The workshops here presented however being benefitial for your health and can be helpful at times, do not award/allow you to practice it on a professional level, neither intend to replace medical treatment and you should always visit your GP regarding your health issues.

HEALTH IS WEALTH...fell free to contact me, and get to know how I can help you to improve your health and experience a balanced lifestyle.