Embrace Wellbeing is a concept developed and founded by  Danilo, whose passion for Natural Health Care and Mind and  Body disciplines, lead him to leave behind a career as Council  Administration officer, to   purse a much more fulfilling    professional life in line with is warm personality, caring skills  and a giving heart combined with a strong will to deliver  wellness to others.


So to embrace a professional path as Natural Health Care Practitioner and Complementary Medicine, Danilo began his training 15 years ago in Massage Therapy, then moved to London to continue his Holistic Medicine studies and achieved professional qualifications and Diplomas on a variety of therapies such as: Zen shiatsu, Yoga, On site Massage, Nutrition and Kinesiology as being the most complete holistic therapy in his opinion.

Continuing his professional academic education in Heatlh Care, Danilo has been awarded a Bachelor degree with hounors in Health Sciences and Osteopathic Medicine, studying 5 years at the College of Osteopaths and Middlesex University London. Such knowledge and clinical experience is being applied daily into his treatments approach.

Constant learning is part of his passion, to keep professionally updated by top specialists and Health researchers, Danilo regularly attends to seminars, CPD courses and workshops in Health care. Alongside to personal development and teaching are also areas that particularly appeal to him. He’s currently organizing Yoga and Wellbeing retreats and Workshops in Health care and Wellbeing, as it enables him to share his knowledge and experiences with others in a way that is both inspirational and educational. As well organizing wellbeing and health days at work to corporate clients, to increase productivity and mind body health by reducing stress levels from office workers.

Danilo’s Holistic Approach

Danilo is equally happy working both physically in the fields of massage therapy or as emotional fields of the mind, as a kinesiologist being able to address the state of mind for goal balancing, helping clearing certain emotional states or reducing its effects of stress on the body.

“when it comes to treat someone, I like to focus on their uniqueness, and listen to their health issues to create then a bespoke session towards their Mind and Body balance.”

He may combine different techniques when appropriate to create a valuable therapy session tailored to your needs. Danilo likes to give advice whether it be lifestyle, ergonomic, exercise or dietary to every client as he believes it is the role of the therapist to engage the individual in their own recovery to achieve Wellbeing and Health Maintenance.


HEALTH IS WEALTH...fell free to contact me, and get to know how I can help you to improve your health and experience a balanced lifestyle.